Trainings & Prices

General English  (in groups) 3 times a week with  a Cambridge Certified Trainer 75 AZN per month
General English  (in groups) 3 times a week with a Certified Local Trainer 55 AZN per month
IELTS (in groups) 3 times a week a Cambridge Certified Trainer  95 AZN per month
IELTS (in groups) 3 times a week a Certified Local Trainer  75 AZN per month
Online English You can learn English by enrolling in our customer tailored online courses.  10 AZN per hour
A-Level   80 AZN per hour
English for Local  University Entrance Exam 2 times a week  50 AZN per month
Level Assessment  10 AZN 
Cross-cultural Training  Learn more about Azerbaijani culture and the unwritten rules of cooperating with Azerbaijanis, 5 hours
 500 AZN
Communication skills, 8 hours  120 AZN
Business writing, 8 hours  120 AZN


LEVELS Duration of the course
Starter 36 hours
Elementary 36 hours
Pre-Intermediate 36 hours  
Intermediate 48 hours
Upper Intermediate 48 hours
Advanced 48 hours
Proficient 60 hours

We look forward to working with you.